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VIP coupon code

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We offer only a handful of our VIP customers that are frequent buyers an exclusive "No Expire" 20% off Coupon Code personalized for them. Just fill out the form above and submit it. *Terms & Conditions - If you get selected to become a VIP 20% Discount holder, you must use your coupon at least within 3 months from your last order. If we notice there is no activity (at least every 3 months) coming from your VIP specialized 20% Discount, we may cancel your VIP status, and you will need to get on the waiting list again. We must give all customers the opportunity to become a VIP customer with a very special discount that is personalized just for them. "No Expire" means as long as you are using your VIP 20% Discount at least within 3 months of last order, your personalized coupon code will not expire. If a VIP customer not taking advantage of the VIP coupon, we will pass the offer on to the next customer on our waiting list. Thank you for joining our waiting list and happy shopping!